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Inbound Yoga Activate Your Pranic Energy

Inbound yoga

Lilizyoga, Elizabeth J

Have you always dreamed of traveling and discovering places full of emotion, peace and tranquility where everything looks beautiful. And if you could make a simultaneous journey between two dimensions from the dense to the subtle inward and from the subtle to the transcendental, to discover the beauty that surrounds us and a great treasure hidden within us.

There is a technique that allows us to reach this point. It is called yoga inbound. Yoga inbound defines itself as a school of yogic life, which aims to actívate your pranic energy and become aware of your body and environment.

Inbound means ”to go inward or to travel inward to know ourselves, to know who we are in essence and to understand our being in this world”

The Yoga inbound system conceived by Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami helps us to go deep into our inside mystic travel towards the comprehension of our true Self to  live in harmony.


  1. Hatha Yoga: Is the yoga for which the trainee, by means of the control of his physical body and his mind understands that is a spiritual soul  and not a material body
  2. Karma Yoga: is the purification of our activities through charity and generosity so as not to be selfish.
  3. Jñana Yoga: It is the Yoga that satisfies our intellect, through which the practitioner dedicates all his time to the study of the Universe and its laws
  4. Bhakti Yoga: Bhakti means: love and devotion; therefore, Bhakti Yoga teaches us to establish a relationship of love and devotion with the Supreme Personality of Godhead through MANTRAS

THE INBOUND YOGA SYSTEM not only gives us benefits on a physical level such as excellent health but also on a mental level, giving us control of the mind and senses so as not to be a slave to them and, on the contrary, have strength and energy to face the problems and responsibilities of life.